Peruvian diversity


There are 474 varieties of butterflies in the Santiago-Comaina Reserve located in the province of Condorcanqui, in the department of Amazonas. It is also believed that there are more than twenty species of butterflies that science has yet to discover. The Peru holds the world record of butterflies with four thousand species, 19 of which are endemic.


The Abra Patricia Private Conservation Area hides the presence of the most famous bird of the Amazon region.The marvelous spatuletail hummingbird only lives there.That is why it has become an obsession for birdwatchers positioned in the birdwatch rallies held in the country.The marvelous spatuletail differs from other birds because its tail only has four feathers.This hummingbird measures fifteen centimeters and has white, green and black adorned with violet crest feathers.Initiatives such as the Abra Patricia Reserve allow their habitat to be conserved.


Contemplating the passing of an Andean condor with its wings spread to a width of more than three meters is a high- flying experience.Between December and March, at the Cruz del Cóndor lookout, in the Colca Valley, the largest bird in the world —which unfortunately is in danger of extinction — comes out to hunt early in the morning and very late at night.Here you can take photographs as the majestic bird soars in the heights.


The landscape, with its snow - capped peaks, scrublands, glaciers and lagoons captivates travelers.The main peak of the mountain range —with more than twenty peaks, dominated by the 6634 meter - high Yerupajá— have faces of rock and ice that have become a real challenges for Andean climbers.The reserve is also considered to be an Important Area for Birds, or Flyways, by BirdLife International.