Five simple recipes that have the Peruvian potato as the protagonist.

Papa rellena

It looks like a big croquette. It can be an entry to share and, in some Lima taberns, a main course. The papa rellena is composed of a white potato base and a filling made of tasty meat stew, raisins, olives and eggs. It is shaped like an oval with both hands, fried, and served with rocoto sauce and creole sauce.


It seems easy to prepare; however, a very skillful hand is required to achive a base that balances the potato dough, the acid touch of the lemon and the spicy yellow pepper. With that solved, you can let the imagination fly to make the filling: chicken, tuna or shrimp can be used. You can also cover your causa with Cebiche, Ecabeche or Jalea de Pescado.

Peruvian Papas Bravas

You can make a versión of this typical Spanish dish with the great variety of potatoes and peppers of Peru. Pick three or four breeds of native potatoes, fry them twice and cover them with the chili sauce of your choice: rocoto, yellow peper, Ocopa or Huancaína.

Papa a la Huancaína

The Peruvian potato and the huancaína sauce make an inseparable duo. The choice of the first one is quite broad and democratic: you can pick the breed you like best. To prepare the second, there are some requirements to be met: a good fresh cheese, milk and yellow peppers.

Potato cake

It is the perfect companion of Arequipa’s Rocoto Relleno. It is a snack that has sliced potatoes, Paria cheese (typical of this southern city) and milk. It goes into the oven with some anise seeds on top of the gratin cheese.